scholarshop’s model

ScholarShop is an innovative development model that furnishes students in Sub-Saharan Africa with school supplies, leadership skills, and a commitment to public service. With years of grassroots development experience and the support of local community leaders, we are able to implement programs that build on internal community assets to unlock the full potential of students and schools.

ScholarShop was founded by three former Peace Corps Volunteers working in Youth Development, Economic Development, and Agribusiness. Inspired by the enormous potential of people and communities in Cameroon, we began developing a new model that empowers young people to become active citizens capable of shaping their own shared future. 

In January 2016, we launched our pilot program at three schools in Cameroon. The early results have been tremendously positive! We will be updating the website with news and bios from the ground. Be sure to check in regularly to see how ScholarShop is transforming the lives of youth in Cameroon.

scholarshop’s staff