ScholarShop is already bringing out the best in Cameroonian students, thanks to generous donations from people like you. Please make a donation to support our continued efforts. IF YOU WOULD PREFER YOUR NAME TO NOT BE ON THE LIST PLEASE EMAIL LIKEWISE, IF YOU HAVE DONATED AND DO NOT SEE YOUR NAME PLEASE EMAIL: JAKE@SCHOLARSHOPAFRICA.ORG.

How does a donation look like?

  • $50 Sponsor 1 ScholarShop Scholar

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ScholarShop Africa is a registered 501(c)3 and all donations are tax-deductible.


You can also use Amazon Smile to donate a portion of all of your purchases on Amazon to ScholarShop. It's doesn't cost you a thing, and it really helps us expand our impact in Cameroon. Go to Amazon Smile and select ScholarShop Africa as your nonprofit. In the future, do your shopping on instead of Amazon. That's it! Now, a portion of every dollar you spend on Amazon goes directly to students in Cameroon. 


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