our mission

  1. To provide necessary supplies to underprivileged students and underfunded schools.
  2. To reward hard work, initiative, and public service.
  3. To imbue students with crucial entrepreneurial skills using hands-on activities and local knowledge.

the approach

ScholarShop is an innovative Conditional Supply Transfer (CST) program that gives students the opportunity to earn the school supplies they need through community service, academic improvement, and healthy lifestyles.

We pride ourselves on being flexible to the varying needs of students, schools, and communities. Through the achievement of individual and collective goals, students earn ScholarDollars, redeemable for supplies they've identified with teachers and community leaders.

Within the context of this on-campus micro-economy, students participate in an intensive 10-week social entrepreneurship workshop. Students work in teams to develop their own social enterprise that aims to "do well, while doing good". 

In essence, ScholarShop creates a micro-economy in which hard work, community development, self-improvement, and shared achievement are the units of currency. The most enterprising students will log hours of studying, tutoring, and community service in exchange for tuition, textbooks, and other crucial supplies.

ScholarShop transforms participants from passive charity recipients into community change agents, forging a new generation of socially conscious, entrepreneurial scholars.